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RES & Conditions

Mon île will not only allow you to gain a share of paradise but in addition, an investment in our project will enable you to obtain the Mauritian Permanent Residence with all the fiscal advantages which are bound to it via the acquisition under the RES Scheme.

For clients not wishing to benefit from the Permanent Resident Status, your privileged holiday resort can allow you to obtain a very good return on investment both in the short run as well as in the long run.

The « Real Estate Scheme » (RES) is the second regime under which a foreigner can invest in a residence. The regulatory framework of the RES is inspired by that of the IRS with simplified modalities. It aims at reduced surfaces of development, 1 acre at least and not exceeding 10 hectares.

Since the 29th of November 2007, It is possible for a foreign citizen to purchase freehold property in Mauritius through the Real Estate Scheme. There is no minimal threshold selling price set for RES projects unlike under the IRS. (Integrated Resort Scheme).

However should a RES property be purchased for a price of USD 500,000 or above, the purchasers if they wish, can benefit from a permanent residence permit.

The following, physical or moral persons, can purchase a RES Mon Ile with a company:

  • A foreigner
  • A person of Mauritian nationality
  • A company registered as a foreign company under the law  » Companies Act on 2001 « 
  • A company incorporated under the law  » Companies Act on 2001 « 
  • A company with the act of constitution which will have been deposited with the »Registrar of Companies »
  • A « trust » with a “trustee”who is duly authorized by the » Financial Services Commission”.

The advantageous fiscal regime of Mauritius

  • 15% Income Tax
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • No wealth tax
  • No restrictions as to the repatriation of profits. Dividends are exempt from taxes.
  • Double taxation agreements with more than 30 countries

More information on this website BOI (Board Of Investisment)