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SAREG – Mauritian Spirit

Awmee Building, Royal Road, Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius
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The SAREG group, literally meaning, Active Company involved in Guaranteed Studies though born in May 2010, benefits however from over 30 years of expérience primarily based on the analysis of how consequences influence subsequent acts or decisions.

Bringing this proven expérience to Mauritius

Our market study spanning over 10 years has shown that Mauritius is a politically and economically stable country. Mauritius located at the heart of the Indian Ocean, in a region surrounded by emerging countries, is unique thanks to its savoir faire in the art of welcoming to that of managing talents in all fields…

SAREG’s objective is to assist those willing to establish themselves in Mauritius through a broad range of services : Advice, Real Estate project management, RES, IRS, Marketing and Financial projections.

« Offer and forecast are among the core values o the SAREG group. »

The SAREG group is make up of many subsidiaries and affiliates offering annex services so as to ensure quality service level.


Design of villas which have had proven success among the Mauritian and European population. With this project which is currently being implemented, we showcase that an architectural concept does not end with drawin bur should answer to certain core values such as using the consequences of our past so as to prepare for those of our future. Embedding originality and diveristy. Each villa is unique and their uniqueness arises from :

  • The past from which we inspired ourselves with its circular thatched roof whose height has been specifially studied to protect the vegetation,
  • The present which allows this fusion with the elements by allowing a waterfall to be present in each villa, bring us relaxation while letting our minds wander far away,,,to imagine how nature looked liked a long time ago…
  • The Future : Through the integration of a contemporary layout allowing the use of a roof, which no longer serves as one but which becomes a vertical garden…


Set up with more than 7 years of market study based on seasonal high end luxury rentals where all annexed services have been thought of. A la carte and tailor made service. Issued LUXMAN cards will open a world of privileges and advantages from our partners ranging from fishing gear, money changers, fashion, themed parcs, restaurants, night clubs… LUXMAN manages all those services coupled to our real estate development based on profesionalism creating economies of scale and being sold at prices unheard of.

All those passionate and fulfilling activities have been created by SAREG in order to contribute to a humanitarian association which is been launched only after the realisation of all the above mentioned projects so that it can benefit from a strong financial foundation right at the start. The humanitarian association « LUMIERES » is focused on women and children whose core values are dignitiy and « helping through integration equals helping whilst elimination the roots of the problem »

 » Should we acknowledge that we suffer from past consequences, then we should recognise that we are elaborating those of our future… » Attilio VELTRI.