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Living in Mauritius

Mauritius has long remained uninhabited, until a volcano emerged from the seas, thereafter allowing wild birds to scatter the seeds that would later turn into an extensive flaura with its iconic royal palms on the seashore… From dark blue to sky-blue its lagoons are an ode to the color blue, protecting the island while offering a safe habitat to a rich marine flaura . Both its luminous daylight and the magical night with its myriad of stars, visible to the naked eye, radiate over a luxurious vegetation, a multicultural people and a whirlpool of flavors and scents.

Today, Mauritius is synonymous to a strong democracy, a resilient economy with an innovative development boasting state of the art and world class medical centers, schools, office buildings and technological hubs.

How to come and live in Mauritius ?

A tourist visa is valid for 3 months and can be extended up to 6 months. In order for you to thereafter stay in Mauritius you will need a residence or occupation permit. Many options are availble :

  • Either you have a job which entitles you to benefit from a temporary working permit
  • If you are married to a Mauritian you will be entitled to a permanent residence permit
  • Purchase a RES or IRS villa (see dedicated section)

Expatraition lwith no worries

Regarding food, in all shopping malls you will find fine cheese, wine, vegetbles. Be it Continental or local cuisines, you will be delighted with the choice available to you. All the essential services are available : Medical hubs, Insurance, Education, Financial services…. You will find further relevant information regarding your expatriation in the below guide, compiled by expat-blog.

Melting Pot

Local craftsmanship with baskets, hand stiching, mats, model ships, jewelry…serving both assouvenirs for tourists and interior decoration items for residents. You will also find fine tailors.

The typical local music is the Sega with its peculiar instrument, The Ravanne. The Seggae is born out of the fusion of Sega and Reggae. Local hip hop and jazz artists further contribute to the rhythms of the island. Some well know artists include….. And others which you can listen to live on Radio Moris.

Mauritian Cuisine is extends to many aromas : Creole, Chinese, Indian. Thanks to their cultural background, Mauritian ogger their savoir faire in gastronomical terms. It one of the most vibrant heritage of the way the island was populated, which can easily compete with gourmet cuisine. Among the Mauritian favorites are : biryani, samoussas, faratas, noodles, fried rice, all sorts of curries, rougaille, soups, pulses, chutneys, dholl pourri, vindaloo. Garlic breads, fresh rish, tuna, marln, capitaine fish, lobsters, giant tiger prawns, crabs, calamari, octopus… A sneak peek of Mauritian cuisine is availble at www.maurice-direct.com. One should not forger the naitonal rhum and the local multiple international award winning beerA blonde that is worth its pot of gold….the Phoenix, which quences your thirst during Mauritian summers….